November 03, 2005

Tony Blair is running out of true believers

According to The Guardian Tony Blair is running out of true believers in the new Labour project:
"In a similar way, the whole 'project' is now wobbling out of control too. The election was a bad shock, cutting the majority and therefore ministers' room for manoeuvre. Now the prime minister is running out of ministers with real clout and experience who are prepared to back him."
Thankfully, since the New Labour project has been, since it's inspetion about getting retaining power. Labour wanted socialism, but all New Labour has ever wanted was power. Hence it's tendency to centralise, micromanage, and remove as much freedom from individuals as possible. The Labour party seems to be stiring itself thanks to Blair turning himself into a lame duck, hence the recent back bench revolts. But this will not last, Gordon Brown has always been as much an integral part of New Labour as Tony Blair ever was so once the transition happens it will be back to the old New Labour ways, but maybe with a more socialist spin rather than free market spin.


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